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Ximena Hidalgo Ayala

Pasión por la Historia y la Gastronomía

Well known cultural activist & writer, she owns a distinguished academic and professional career promoting the development of historic approach to Latin America's cultural legacy.


During last 30 years, her career has included positions as specialized researcher (paleographer), handling original documentation from colonial and independence periods of the Latin-American History in private and public archives, participating in archeological excavations and specialized historic researches in institutional projects, as part of her academic training as historian.


Newscaster, anchor, reporter, interviewer and executive with leading Spanish-language newspaper, radio and television organizations. Her work at La Voz del Ecuador TV (Channel 66 New York), Luz de América cultural program (transmitted by Telemundo, NBC Spanish channel 47 NY, NJ & CT), and Impacto Latino newspaper, has made her a recognized figure throughout the Latin American community.


As a guest and as a host of numerous radio and television programs, seminars, round tables, community activities and events, Ximena Hidalgo has developed a unique style promoting  historic information about Latino community in New York City. Ms. Hidalgo has interviewed many prominent personalities, dignitaries, politicians, diplomats, elected officials, businessmen, cultural leaders, artists, chefs and community activists.


To fulfill her mission of improving the approach to historical roots among Latinos, she has dedicate a lot of her time to educate the community by writing and publishing numerous didactic articles about Latin-American History and organizing cultural activities.


Since 2006 Ximena Hidalgo is founder, promoter and coordinator of an Annual Ceremony Honoring de Legacy of Galo Plaza in Manhattan. Prominent international leader and peacemaker, who born on 8th street and Fifth Avenue in New York City, he hold key positions representing Latinos worldwide, was Secretary General of the Organization of American States, and representative of United Nations in international conflicts, Galo Plaza is considered one of the most influential Latin-American Leaders for the past century, worldwide.


Ximena Hidalgo’s unique perspective as professional historian, responsible for promoting the knowledgment of cultural roots between the Latin community, combined with her dynamic and multifaceted personality, gives readers and viewers a fascinating insight into the events and personalities that she is presenting.


This perspective as researcher, about the rich culture of Latin America, provide to her readers unique information to strenght their global identity and makes her an inspiration promoting brotherhood between communities and nations. 


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